About Us

About Spring Street Gourmet Deli

The long story short… Man bartends, woman waitresses they meet, fall in love, buy a deli, get married. We bought Spring Street on May 15th, 2004. We were obsessed with offering quality products that were fresh and unique.

In 2021 the opportunity to purchase Haywards was presented to us and we knew that this was only something that we could do with our partner Julio.   

Haywards was a huge part of the Sloatsburg community and Lauren would be humungous shoes to fill. It will take 3 of us but we are up the challenge. We hope that we can create our own traditions & keep supporting the deli needs of the Sloatsburgers. Together we've created a modern day family owned business.  

Our goal everyday was to make sure it was a place where people could afford to go and find something new, something healthier that tasted good. We couldn't do it alone, our employees, and if you've been here you already know, they are friendly, fast & efficient, one of our biggest assets.

If you haven't been here and your seeking something new, something different, a cut above in a world of sameness stop in.